Don’t Ghost Me a Third Time

The next time you decide to leave, Perhaps you should slam me against the wall, Look me in the eye, and freaking tell me Why you're walking out on me. Say that to my face, flat out. Don't ghost me. Not again, not a third time. Please. The next time you are raring to go,... Continue Reading →


Like Momma Wouldn’t Know You Were Lying

Summer of 2015: •  I remember, as if it were yesterday, the day you got your curls straightened out. You came home from the salon, only to lock yourself up in your room for hours and later wake us from our sleep in the middle of the night and weep uncontrollably. You said you missed... Continue Reading →

To My Bestie

Dear Bestie, i. First of all, having a bestie like you is as good as not having one because 99% of the times I call you the Vodafone frigging number I am calling is switched off. ii. I am confused whether you are one weird character or so many weird ones wrapped into one. iii.... Continue Reading →


Mira felt a strong sense of deja vu as he stormed into the room that evening, tossed his cricket bag on to the floor, threw himself on the couch and sighed in exasperation. She rose from her desk, fighting back an instinct to go pull him into an embrace. She noticed he hadn't changed from... Continue Reading →

Chaos, calm, and after

    That corner of the house was gloomy but for a lonely light bulb. But it was her happy place, her secret refuge. She sat curled up against the musty wooden chãrupadi, looking on with a childish glee as it rained outside. The rain occasionally relented to reveal the distant rumble of the edakka as deepãrãdana proceeded... Continue Reading →

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